Use after all soggy situations

Dry your dog quicker. It's never been so easy!


What makes our towels so special?

Innovative Fabric Technology

Quick-Dry Super Absorbent Moisture-Wicking

Unlike any other dog towel, our unique quick-dry microfibre has no pile. No terry to our towel so to speak. This makes it incredibly absorbent and dry in less than half the time of a regular towel.

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Conveniently Compact

Lightweight ☀ Compact ☀ Convenient

Taking up at least 4x less space than a regular towel. This makes them super convenient for quick trips, day trips or road trips. Perfectly petite to keep in your car, bag or wet room. Especially for those just in case moments.

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Simple Wearable Design

Easy Comfortable ☀ Secure

Our simple, wrap-around design ensures our robes won't shake off. Simply put it on, give your dog a quick rub then let it do it's magic. With no buckles, clips or velcro in sight it's super easy to put on and comfortable to boot.

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Here's what our wonderful customers say

Favourite dog towel

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We absolutely love our Zoh robes and use them at the beach and also after baths for our cavoodle. It dries his curls so much faster than air drying and we don't have to worry about getting the car wet from trips to the beach cause its shake proof!

- Elisa T.

The most practical dog accessory ever!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love the zoh drying robe! I use it for so many things! My favourite is to put it on my dog before getting into the car after a trip to the dog beach! It keeps the sand in and helps her dry faster! Also she looks like the most stylish dog leaving the dog beach by far!!

- Sarah T.

Can't live without it!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I absolutely love my zoh robe. My cavoodle loves the water so it's been an absolute lifesaver! It never comes off, even during her after-bath zoomies and it doesn't bother her at all - plus my furniture and carpet stay dry. Winner! Definitely recommend.

- Ash S.