The ultimate wet dog accessory

Wet dogs love to shake. Nay, they NEED to shake! More often than not, you get drenched in the line of fire, let alone your poor car, home or beautiful white lounge. But you can protect yourself, your home and your car from them with the ultimate dog towel.

Introducing the zoh robe.

The best to dry your dog without getting wet from their shakes.

Now with matching beach towels for us humans!

Protect yourself, your car and your home from wet shakes

Protect your car

Protect your car seats after those juicy puddles at the park or a trip to the beach.

Protect you & your home

After bath time, contain those wet shakes, quicken up the drying process and keep your house dry.

Keep cool / Stay warm

Use it wet to create a cooling coat, or use it dry as a light winter coat #multitalented

Make heads turn

When you just want to be seen and get the attention your dog deserves.

Not just a pretty face

Our towels are packed full of features that'll kick your average cotton towel to the curb.

Dries Super Quick

Their innovative quick-dry fabric dries 3x faster than regular cotton towelling. That means less time drying, more time being allowed back inside and on the couch 😉

✨ Sand Free Super Powers ✨

Sand doesn't stick to them and simply shakes right off, leaving the beach, at the beach. We can't say the same about your dog though, but at least it's one less thing to worry about bringing sand through the house!

Made in Australia

You heard that right. We are very proud to say our products are designed and made in Australia. Proudly supporting local suppliers.

You beauty!

Packs up light & compact

For their absorbency, they're ridiculously lightweight and compact. They can roll up super tight, taking up less than half the space of a regular towel. This makes them perfect for travelling. Not to mention it leaves more room in your bag for treats (priorities).

💦 Super Absorbent 💦

With incredible moisture-wicking properties they can absorb more than twice as much and in record time. Our towels don't shy away from extra wet jobs. Just like a shammy, simply wring them out & use again.

Don't just take our word for it 

Can't live without it!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I absolutely love my zoh robe. My cavoodle loves the water so it's been an absolute lifesaver! It never comes off, even during her after-bath zoomies and it doesn't bother her at all - plus my furniture and carpet stay dry. Winner! Definitely recommend.

- Ash S.

Five star product & service

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

From the ease of online ordering to the prompt delivery and communication by Zoh to the exceptional product I received I am 100% delighted. Have already used it a number of times and can highly recommend it as the perfect dog towel after our trips to the beach and the park.

- Kylie. S

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5 Star Rating

Now the hard part, which print do you choose? 

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