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According to Zoe, beach days are the best days. Who can blame her, right? Sand between the paws, frolicking in the shallows, nose-diving into the sand, the lot. She's not exactly the most confident swimmer but by gosh, she loves the beach. 

Did you know, there are over 100 beaches in Sydney? But much to our dismay, they are not all dog friendly. Never fear! We have bundled together the complete list of all dog beaches in Sydney (with pictures) where your doggo is allowed to roam about off-leash. Tried and tested of course. Just in time for summer mind you. So strap yourselves in because we guarantee this list will get your tails wagging. 

Rose Bay Foreshore | ROSE BAY, NSW

➜ Off-leash 24/7 *woohoo!*

What a delight, especially when the tide is low. With such an expansive playground of sand, little to no waves and a nice view to boot, this is truly a paradise for all kinds of dogs. Whether they are adventurous and confident swimmers or they only like to dabble their paws in the shallows (or simply sit and chill their under carriage like Zoe), Rose Bay is a brilliant option. Parking options aren't extensive and usually capped at 1-2hr and traffic isn't too kind on the weekends but some would say, it's worth it. 

best dog beaches sydney rose bay

Dumaresq Reserve

➜ Off-leash: before 8:30am - after 4:30pm

At the northern end of the Rose Bay Foreshore you'll find Dumaresq Reserve. A petite and narrow tidal dog friendly beach sharing the same amazing views as Rose Bay Foreshore. Because it is tidal, the sand is only accessible at low tide. We've added this in separately because it's not an off-leash area all day like it's neighbour. Outside these hours, you're doggo will need to be on a leash.

Rowland Reserve

➜ Off-leash 24/7 *woohoo!*

Pretty dang picturesque this one. Absolute dog haven and a strong favourite amongst the dog community. With a large grassy area and beach access to Pittwater with a great amount of parking, what's not to love? Also, if you happen to be there on the weekend you'll usually find a coffee cart and mobile dog wash. Only downside, be prepared to pay for parking.

best dog beaches sydney rowland reserve bayview

Bicentennial Park & Blackwattle Bay

➜ Off-leash 24/7 *woohoo!*
➜ Bicentennial Park: West of the canal near the picnic shelter
➜ Blackwattle Bay: Just off Leichhardt Street

Now this one is a littley, but still a goody. Just off the park there is a little stretch of sand giving your dog access to the water. Beautiful views of the ANZAC bridge with easy and abundant parking. Also, if you feel like a pick-me up pop into Bellevue Cottage By Antoine. Can someone say *hello cheeky coffee break!*.

best dog beaches sydney blackwattle bay

Sirius Cove | MOSMAN, NSW 

➜ Off-leash on weekdays: all day
➜ Off-leash on weekends: before 9am - after 6pm

A beautiful harbour beach right next to a lovely park, giving you the best of both worlds and the perfect spot for a picnic. Bit of a hit and miss regarding how clean the water is (tide and weather dependant) but when it's a good day, it's a great day. Nice and relaxed vibe. Also fun checking out the *very* nice houses overlooking the cove too. 

best dog beaches sydney sirius cove mosman 1best dog beaches sydney sirius cove mosman 2

Clifton Gardens Reserve

➜ Off-leash in summer: before 9am - after 6pm 
➜ Off-leash in winter: before 9am - after 4pm
➜ Only on the east side of the Clifton Gardens jetty

Mosman family fun favourite this one. It's also a popular picnic spot so if you're doggo has a great nose and low self-control when it comes to food (like both Zoe and myself sometimes), best put them straight on a lead when you leave the beach. 

best dog beaches sydney clifton gardens

Clontarf Reserve & Sandy Bay

➜ Clontarf Reserve off-leash weekdays: 24/7
➜ Clontarf Reserve off-leash weekends: before 9am - after 4pm
➜ Sandy Bay off-leash: 24/7 *woohoo!*

Beautiful place to spend the day by the harbour with BBQ facilities, bathrooms and a playground for the kiddlets. The off-leash fun in the sun on the sand starts at the northern end of Clontarf Reserve in Sandy Bay. Beautifully picturesque and leafy, this bit of waterfront lets you chill in the shade while your doggo roams about. 

best dog beaches sydney sandy bay clontarf

Spit West and Spit East Reserves

➜ Off-leash weekdays: 24/7  *woohoo!*
➜ Off-leash weekends: before 9am - after 4pm

Located on either side of the Spit Bridge with glorious views of million dollar yachts and sailing boats. There's plenty of grass for your dog to explore and run around with direct access to the calm waters of the bay. If you've got kids, there's also an appropriately maritime-themed playground for your little pirates to walk the plank. There's only paid parking around so be prepared to pay to stay my friends.

Manly Lagoon

➜ Off-leash: 24/7  *woohoo!*

Now we wouldn't recommend us humans go for a dip but the doggos don't seem to mind. Plus right next door is Manly Lagoon Park, Hinkler Reserve and Aitkin Reserve. But like all over Manly, parking can be a little tricky on the weekends.

best dog beaches sydney manly lagoon

Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve

➜ Off-leash 24/7  *woohoo!*

Also known as Curl Curl Lagoon, this place is an absolute paradise for dogs. For one, is an off-leash area all day long, there's sand dunes to explore and there's an abundance of water to splash in. Being a paradise though, this place can get quite busy but luckily there's plenty of space for everyone. Don't be tempted to go onto Curl Curl beach because Rangers are common in this area.

best dog beaches sydney flora and ritchie reserve curl curl

Lady Robinson Beach

➜ Off-leash: before 10am - after 4pm

This one is a bit of a newbie, all thanks to a 9 year old local that rallied with the council (we need more kids like this in the world!). At the most northern end of the beach in Kyeemagh, past the baths, there's a carpark with path access to the 150m long dog-friendly section. It might be smaller than a few of the top guns in this list but it's more than enough space for dogs to splash about in the water and nose-dive into the sand.

best dog beaches sydney lady robinson beach kyeemagh

Greenhills Beach 

➜ Off-leash in summer: before 10am - after 4pm 
➜ Off-leash in winter: before 10am - after 3pm
➜ Park at the end of Don Lucas Reserve Car Park 
➜ Access via Gate 5 only (last access point to the beach)

Greenhills is a gem. It is the only ocean-facing beach in all of Sydney and it is massive. The dog section starts at Gate 5 and spans north up to the 4WD area, which is just over 2km of beach. SO. MUCH. SPACE! It does get busy and a little cramped by the entrance, but if you want some extra space all you have to do is walk a bit further. Simples. Like any ocean beach, the surf is much more suited to the adventurous dog especially on a rough day. But all dogs would enjoy the sand and shallows. Parking is also free and all day *winning!*

best dog beaches sydney greenhills 2best dog beaches sydney greenhills 1

Silver Beach 

➜ Off-leash 24/7 *woohoo!*
➜ Between the 3rd and 4th rock rocky walls (groynes) only
➜ Just off the Bonna Point Reserve car park

Extremely lovely and calm which is perfect for all dogs. If you're able to make it before 4pm you'll most likely have the place to yourself. It is just by a newly developed kids playground that also have nearby toilets and convenient water taps to keep your doggo hydrated. 

best dog beaches sydney silver beach kurnell

Horderns Beach 

➜ Off-leash in summer: before 8:30am - after 4:30pm
➜ Off-leash in winter: 24/7

Located right in the middle of Bundeena, nestled in between the ferry wharf at one end and a playground at the other. It's a bit of a journey to get there so we suggest making a day of it.

best dog beaches sydney horderns beach bundeena






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