Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Bath?

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As a dog owner, you’ve probably experienced the phenomenon of post-bath hyperactive craziness. You know what we’re talking about, those super high energy bursts of frantically running and rolling around as soon as they've been released from their wash. They often look like they’re possessed and can’t be stopped.

They’re funny to watch because, let’s be honest it’s a little strange, but it can also be a little disastrous, causing everything in their wake to be soaked or worse, they’ve escaped your grasp and began rolling around outside in all sorts of nasties! 💩 🤦‍♀️  Better start running that tap again!

Some call these the zoomies, the crazies, or the more technical term FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods). Yes, these can happen at any time but for some reason, it’s super common after a bath or wash. But why?

While no one knows for sure, there are a few theories. So let’s break them down for you.

Simple: They need to dry off!

Don’t you hate being wet? Luckily us humans have the luxury of being able to wrap a towel around ourselves. A luxury, dogs do not have so they revert shaking their tail feather and rolling around on the carpet, the lounge, their bed, your bed - anything.

Sweet relief

Some dogs just don’t like baths or being washed. Even the most water-loving dogs can become anxious. So when you’ve *finally* turned the tap off and let them out, you can only imagine how STOKED your dog is. No wonder they go crazy, that’s a lot of pent up nervous energy right there!

Get their scent back

Unfortunately for you, your dog prefers their stench over your fancy dog shampoo, conditioner and cologne. You might be thinking, “Those hints of vanilla & lavender are divine!” while to them they’re thinking “What is that Awful smell?! Get it off me now!” This is why they love to do gross things like rolling around in poop. All they’re after is to get their scent back.

Reward themselves

Zoomies are fun and can turn any frown upside down. So for dogs, if bath-time isn’t very fun for them, zoomies afterwards are seen as a way to reward themselves and turn a not-so-great experience into a great one.

Quick Tips

Don’t worry, zoomies are not a bad thing! They are completely natural. To make it easier on you, here are a few tips to help deal with them after bathtime and reduce the risk of everything in their path getting wet.

  1. Change your mindset and look at zoomies being a good thing that’ll help dry them and tire them out at the same time. 
  2. Be prepared. Before letting them loose for zoomies give them a quick pat down with a towel and pop on a wearable dog towel like the Zoh Robe. That’ll help protect your home and furniture from getting wet while also helping dry your dog at the same time. Win!
  3. Before unleashing your dog outside, be sure they are completely dry. They are less likely to roll around in smell things and require another bath.

Coercing a dog into bathtime can be painful enough, let alone dealing with the post-bath aftermath. If getting your dog washed at home is a pain in the rear end, stressful or even a traumatising activity for you and your dog, our other blog post 10 Ways to Make Dog Bath Time Less Stressful might bring you some helpful tips and tricks.

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