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River Rascal

For the crazy cool cat canine in your life.

Our #zohrobes not only hold more than their own weight in water but they dry 3 times faster than a regular cotton towel. Pair that with its hooded design and waistband to keep it secure (shake and zoom-proof!), you’ve got the perfect dog towel. And we haven’t even mentioned how great they look.

The beach, puddles at the park, after a bath, lounging about and simply strutting your stuff.

Size Guide

Unsure what size robe will fit your pooch? We're here to help. 

Zoh Robe Size Guide Topline Measurement

The best way to measure your dog for a zoh robe is by using your dog's topline edge. This is the measurement from their shoulder blades to the top of their tail. 

Your dog's robe should be just longer than your dog. You want it to be comfy and roomy to walk in, but not so big they are swimming in it and falling over. Check out our guide below.  

Size Guide Table

For reference: Our model Zoe (black medium cavoodle) wears a Medium & Indie (mini golden cavoodle) wears a size Small. 

Please note: This table is a guide only. There are always exceptions to the rule.

If you are still unsure, feel free to send us your dog's neck and topline measurements at hello@zohaustralia.com



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