About Us

Woof Ruff Hello! This is zoh

At zoh, we love tummy rubs, beach swims and puppy cuddles. But there’s more to us than that. We create stylish yet zoomies-proof dog accessories that allow dogs to be dogs. No shaking-off, guaranteed.

Whether your best mate is an oddball, a sook or a speed machine - we know how much joy they bring to your lives, so we’ve made it our business to make products that they will love as much as a brand new bone. 

We’re for dogs that light up your life and bring colour to your world, unconditionally. 


Our Story About Us Title

 It’s a simple story really. 

I’m Liv and my sassy side kick is Zoe. This beautiful old gal is my inspiration and means the world to me, so I did the obvious thing to show my love and not only designed a product for her but dedicated the brand to her.

Zoh Australia came about out of frustration. We both love going to the beach together. Zoe has an ABSOLUTE ball going straight for the water, then nose-diving straight into the sand, followed by a few minutes sneezing, then repeat (they never learn). What we don’t love though is what follows.

With the excitement of being by the beach, trying to hold her down with a big cotton towel was a nightmare. A simple shake and the towel becomes useless on the ground. Don’t even get me started how awful they smell. We even tried the plush, fluffy microfibre towels, which were better…
but cling to sand and dirt like no other!

When I set out to look for something better, I couldn’t find anything.

Not. A. Thing. Nada. Zip.

So I went rogue and designed my own. But I couldn’t stop at making a product that was merely practical. Zoe brings so much light and colour to my life so that is exactly what this product needed to do too.

So, after a year in the making, the zoh robe was born.

We hope you and your doggo enjoy your zoh robe as much as we do.

Liv + Zoh x


Founders Liv & Zoe