Care Instructions

Our robes and towels are bright, bold and beautiful and we'd like them to stay that way. So we've tried to make caring for your robe as easy as possible for you. 

Washing your robe or towel
Simply toss them into the washing machine on a cold cycle (30°C) with similar colours. 

Step away from the bleach!
One of the easiest ways you can prolong the life of your pooch's zoh robe? Skip the bleach.

Avoid fabric softener
You might be tempted to make them extra, extra, extra soft, but fabric softener is not the way to go. It'll actually clog the open spaces in the microfiber, making the fabric useless. Our microfiber fabric will stay soft without it. Trust us.

Drying your robe or towel
Air drying is the best method and most of the time, the quickest.
If tumble drying is absolutely necessary, set it on low or no heat. This also applies when using an iron, set it to cool.
Avoid storing when damp. We'll have you know, our microfiber is pretty good at repelling odours including that notorious wet dog smell (yes you heard that right!). However, like any fabric, if it's put to the bottom of the wash bag still wet or damp, yep you guessed it, it will inevitably get stinky and mouldy and nobody wants that.