About Us

It's a simple story really.

Zoe loves the beach. Frolicking in the shallows, nose-diving into the sand, the lot. She's not exactly the most confident swimmer but enough that she becomes a sopping mess #drownedratalert. We'll make our way back to the car (because let's face it, we're not billionaires living beachfront), and then do the fun dance trying to wrestle an over-excited puppy with a towel #notfun. Finally in the car onto a pile of more towels hoping and praying that she doesn't shake and spray water at me at 60+kmh. 
There's got to be a better way, right?
Once we get home it's either a quick hose down or straight into the bath. Then we do that dance again, use more towels, but this time it's the house that gets wet not the car.
We've been through all of the towels on the market #trustus but they didn't quite scratch our itch - too bulky, too heavy, too much static-cling #dirtmagnet, too many fasteners and all were simply too boring. What's a girl gotta do to find something practical, effective and has a bit of colour?
Zoe brings so much light and colour to my life, so that is exactly what this product is intended to do.
We hope you and your dog enjoy your zoh robe as much as we do.

Liv + Zoe x
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