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Our zoh robes aren't here just to look good.

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Design Elements

Zoh Robe Dots Dog Vector

Hood & Waist Tie
The zoh robe was designed to stay on, not fall off on the floor like regular towels. So much so, that we'll even go to say they are shake and zoom-proof! Tried and tested. The hood is great for drying your dogs ears and looks super cute to boot. 
We've kept the waist tie simple using an under cross-over design. No fancy buckles, clips, fasteners or dreaded velcro here for simplicity and maximum comfort.

Super Soft
Smooth to touch and super soft like suede. That's what you'd want from a robe after all, isn't it? Trust us, they are unlike those regular microfibre cloths you might find in your cleaning cupboard (none of that weird static feeling here).

Unique Designs
Our zoh robes are definitely not designed for wallflowers. We see dogs as little pockets full of sunshine and we want our robes to celebrate that.
Each of our prints has been designed exclusively for zoh. The exact placement of the print is unique to each robe so they are as unique and special as your dog.


 Now the hard part, which print do you choose?

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