Designed for convenience,
made with love

Our dog towels have been designed to be different for the better. From better absorbency and rapid drying time to comfort, wearability and pure convenience. Made from a precise blend of polyester and polyamide our robes are packed full of features that'll kick your average dog towel to the curb.

Rapid drying time

In fact, our fabric dries 3x quicker than cotton

Made from a precise blend of polyester and polyamide our fabric is engineered for efficiency and will dry at least 3x quicker than cotton. And we know, the faster your dog dries, the quicker they're back for cuddles on the couch.

Nothing bulky here

Lightweight & super compact for ultra convenience

Whether you've got a big, little or tiny dog our robes roll up incredibly compact, leaving more room in your bag (for treats obviously!). Perfect for quick trips, day trips or road trips, they're super convenient to keep in your car or your bag for just in case moments. Simply roll it up and go.

It's not going anywhere

Simply put the robe on and let it do its magic.

Our simple, wrap-around design is both comfy and secure. You won't find your soggy dog wriggling out from or shaking off their zoh robe.

Advanced capillary absorption

Moisture-wicking super powers

Don't let their lightweight-ness fool you, our fabric holds more than twice their own weight in water. Using advanced "capillary action" our fabric rapidly attracts and sucks up moisture out and away from your dog's fur.

Doesn't hold onto dirt

Leave the beach, at the beach

Unlike ordinary terry towelling and regular microfibre towels, our beautifully soft towel fabric does not have a pile. This means there are no thread loops to catch and hold onto dirt and sand. It simply falls right off.